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BYLD-Technology and Scalability

Why is BYLD-technology scalable?

At the core of BYLD-technology is our very own library of parametric construction elements. These dynamic construction elements are continually evolved and updated by our development team and can be configured to form almost any form of construction project from small scale housing to large scale office or industrial use development.

Sustainable Material

BYLD construction elements are made from spruce or pine plywood. This is a sustainable and structurally high-performig raw material which is readily available in large parts of the world.

Low Threshold

The BYLD-system is designed to offer the lowest possible threshold in terms of production facilities.


BYLD production data can be pushed to any CNC-nesting-machine. These machines are relatively cheap, readily available and largely only running at a fraction of their capacity in carpentries the world over.

Decentralized Production

The BYLD-system is not dependent on centralized, high investment, high-impact infrastructure. Distributed production enables fast, local, low- impact fabrication.

Material Efficiency

Our construction elements are material efficient. All BYLD construction elements are thermally insulated and use only a fraction of the wood that is processed into today's mass timber elements.

Simple Assembly

Assembly of BYLD construction elements has extremely low requirements in terms of skilled labour and tools.

One technology many possibilities
Centralized Scaling

Centralized Scaling

Productive capacity can be improved via centralized growth strategies. Increasing investments inflate company infrastructure and operational complexity.

Decentralized Scaling

Decentralized Scaling

BYLD-services support decentralized and distributed production. Decentralization enables fast, local fabrication and growing productive capacity while minimizing local-impact.

Hybird Scaling

Hybrid Scaling

Combining a centralized business model with distributed production capabilities allows operation within a lean structure while supporting short-term peaks in demand.

Digital Process Design

Truly ready for AI driven building design

We believe in a digital and connected solution for building construction. Our mission is the development of a robust, scalable framework supporting design and production for buildings. The BYLD-construction-framework offers end-to-end digital control for building construction making it the only construction system truly ready for AI driven building design.

Digital Fabrication

IMPLEMENTING a File-to-Factory process within the Construction Industry.
Data Model
3D Model

What We Offer

These are some of the qualities defining the BYLD system.

Sustainable Construction

Raw materials are valuable. That's why we use our Plywood material only where it is structurally active. BYLD elements are thermally insulated from the core.

Screwless Connection

Maintaining material purity is one of the core principles of a circular economy. That's why we rely on interlocking wooden joints to reduce material pollution and optimize the project life cycle.

Genuine Interlocking

The BYLD system relies on interlocking wooden joints securing all components in their intended position and eliminating the overboarding dimensional tolerances common within the building industry.

Fast Assembly

All our parts are machined with digital precision. BYLD elements can be assembled within minutes using only a hammer and a flat surface.

On Demand Prefabrication

On Demand Prefabrication with no predefined modular structure


made for versatility
Office Building Krems

Office Building

Krems, Austria

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Warehouse Building Krems

Warehouse Building

Krems Austria

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Podersdorf Tiny Houses

Mobile Homes

Podersdorf, Austria

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Digital Landscape Design


Vienna, Austria

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Parametric Interior Design

Coffee Shop

Vienna, Austria

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Co-Innovation Factory

Vienna, Austria

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Conference Pavilion

Ottenstein, Austria

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